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Vegetarian Health Benefits

Vegetarian Health Benefits

Being vegetarian or eating vegetables mostly comes with a myriad of benefits in which entails, lowering your carbon footprints by which will also, allowing you to save money to go to grocery store.  However, the health benefits of eating vegetables that captivates most people interests.  You may hear tattles on the TV, magazines news media or conversations on social platforms like Facebook similarly talking about the “vegetarian health benefits”.  Across the health plateau when comes the vegetarian health’s, there are 5 beneficial factors that cannot be ignored.  

Improved cardiovascular Health

Those who consume large portions of meat within their diet are more likely to contract heart disease than those who are vegetarians or a balanced diet of vegetables.  This is due to high cholesterol, it is a kind of fat that clogs your artery like a blocked drain in your sink, and ‘boy we know how that looks’.  Not mention that meat, especially beef has high amounts of LDL (low-density lipids) or bad cholesterol. Since vegetarian diets are devoid of animal meat, they are also devoid of these saturated fats and cholesterols, leading to better heart health

Reduces Chances of Cancer

Studies now indicate that vegetarians have 12% less likelihood of getting cancer than meat eaters. Health professionals point to the high fibre, low amount of saturated fats, and the higher intake of anti-oxidants found in fruits and vegetables which prevent cancer cells.

Marginally Reduce Food Disease

I can think back when I heard of a pandemic like swine flu, mad cow disease and bird flu.  As we all know animals are generally carriers of all sorts of exotic diseases that are foreign to the human body.  I was to eat an infected meat without knowing what virus is embedded within its flesh then I too would be severely sick.  Since the advent of industrialized farming, it has been easier for disease of spread to humans due to poor conditions on farms leading to faecal-oral transmission.  Whereas vegetarians or balanced diet vegetables lovers are not exempt from food illnesses however if the vegetables are washed clean and cook properly then contracting food illnesses are far and between, but the same cannot be said for heavy meat eaters.

Less Toxins Raping Your Food

While vegetarians do need to deal with pesticides on the food then and again, it doesn't compare with the level of toxins and heavy metals meat eaters have to deal with. Mercury in fish, rBST and other growth hormones in cows, PCB in sheep...the list goes on. And in some cases, freezing or cooking the foods won't rid these chemicals from your food.

Weight Loss Figure

An healthy vegetarian, not sugar lovers, are always slim and healthy due to some facts that vegetarians eat on average 500 calories less than their meat eating counterparts.  That is far less than meat eaters consume in one day.  The way to health can create greater wealth in your lives if we were to balance our diets because too much of the same thing can either bore you or kill you.  Remember mix it up because as I said a good diet keeps you alive longer to enjoy life and inspire those around you.
Keep living and make health create your wealth J

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